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Our team has a vision to create a documentary series that will bring attention to public and municipal golf courses throughout the United States. The goal is to grow the game of golf by visiting courses that are sentimental to legendary players of the game. We will reconnect superstars with their earliest memories of golf by documenting and sharing stories from some of the first places they ever played.

Haggin Oaks Golf Course Sign



The series will use a multi-layered narrative structure, seamlessly interweaving exclusive interviews and personal stories with expert insights and historical context. This approach will keep the audience engaged and emotionally connected from beginning to end.


Our storytelling will evoke a range of emotions, from empathy
to inspiration, as it takes viewers on an unforgettable journey
through the lives of golf legends.


Strong cinematic visuals paired with emotionally relatable stories from golf heroes and celebrities will keep the viewer engaged throughout the entire episode. Our editing style will be very intentional and keep people wondering who and what they will see next.


  • The Courses That Made Us will be produced as a high-quality episodic series with six 30-minute episodes in the first season. Each episode will feature two or three stories about notable people and the courses they hold dear. 

  • The series is intended for global distribution, allowing the captivating stories of these inspirational people and places to reach a wide and diverse audience.


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