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Get ready to rock at the brand-new Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain. Located just north of Sacramento, the Hard Rock brand’s amped-up style, service, and signature hospitality have a new home in Northern California.

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Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, located in Wheatland California. The Weatherlight crew traveled to the construction site periodically over many months to film the construction process. Media packages were sent to local news stations as they reported on the progress of the building. After the construction of the hotel and casino was completed we created mini-documentaries about the Casino and ROCKtane construction campaigns. Hard Rock shared both projects with sponsors and Tribal partners.

Hard Rock Casino is building a gas station and convenience store on their property in Wheatland and would like a video that shows the construction process. In addition to providing a convenient location for guests to refuel their vehicles and buy snacks, this new gas station, "ROCKtane" is unique to the area and fills a desperate need for the local community. Soundbites from the Casino's President and a Tribe Representative tell the story that leads up to the big reveal of the completed facility on opening day. Additionally, two soundbites and one minute of video were provided for local news stations on the day of the grand opening.


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