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The production process can begin once all the cast and crew have been hired, and the script has been edited and approved. Crew and cast members all travel to each location, and each scene is shot until it is perfect. Once each scene has been properly shot and captured, it's time to move on to the next stage of post-production.

Once a concept is approved, it’s time to get filming! We leave no stone unturned when your video reaches the production stage. To make this possible, Weatherlight guides you through logistics throughout the pre-production and production processes. Our video production services include conducting auditions to find the right actors, scouting for the best locations and props, and arranging voiceovers that match your script.

Once every element for a successful video has been arranged, filming begins. Whether in our production studio or outdoors, short-format or a long-format video, our team knows how to help you build a great story.

When production flows smoothly, creativity thrives.

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