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We have all the gear, space, editing equipment, and talent to help get your podcast up and running. Create a great podcast that digs deeper into the creative life of contemporary artists, discover what feeds their creativity, and how they found (or are finding) their artistic voice. Through these intimate and candid conversations, you will gain insights into the lives of creative professionals that are hard to find anywhere else. 


Brainstorm an original theme, create a script, and make a schedule to keep you on track.

  • You can cover a wide variety of topics or focus on one idea.

  • It can be a solo podcast or have a group of people.

  • Stick to a few ideas in the beginning and let it evolve over time.

  • It can be fully scripted or a general outline of topics of discussion.

  • Most podcasts aim to hit a length of around an hour.


We have the space, equipment, and editing bays to take your podcast to the next level. 

  • There is ample room for you and whoever else is on your podcast.

  • Sound-dampening panels to reduce background noise even further.

  • Have enough microphones to support your cast and any guests that would come on.

  • A mixer to provide greater control over individual audio channels and audio effects.

  • High-quality headphones are important when you incorporate a mixer so that you can listen to adjustments that the mixer will make.

  • Pop filters help reduce audio pops that can occur when consonants are punctuated loudly.

  • We ensure your podcast hits a certain time length, removing any slow or unnecessary parts or adding related audio from other sources.

  • Ensure audio levels channels are all at the right volumes throughout the recording.

  • Add miscellaneous sound effects and/or background music.


Consider making a schedule for how often new episodes will be released. This will help build a steady audience. Most podcasts have a weekly or bi-weekly run.

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