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We not only want to make beautiful and engaging media content for you, but we also want your endeavors and effort to be fruitful. In order to get you the best return on investment, let's follow this simple step-by-step guide in order to ensure your hard work and investments gets you the results you want.

Don't worry, we're here to help!


Once a concept is approved, it’s time to get filming! We leave no stone unturned when your video reaches the production stage. When production flows smoothly, creativity thrives. To make this possible, Weatherlight guides you through logistics throughout the pre-production and production processes. Our video production services include conducting auditions to find the right actors, scouting for the best locations and props, and arranging voiceovers that match your script.


Once every element for a successful video has been arranged, filming begins. Whether in our production studio or outdoors, short-format or a long-format video, our team knows how to help you build a great story.


Is shooting completed? Then, “video making” begins. Here’s where we bring together editing and sound to unveil your story. We understand that editing can bring your story to life.

From basic edits and sound mixing to dubbing, our storytellers understand every aspect of video post-production. At this stage, we check for inconsistencies, add missing elements, spot anything that needs to be redone. We help you set the pace of your narrative and discover how the pieces that make your story truly fit in.

Our crew brings together all the elements of production and delivers a complete package.

Your story is now ready to be shared with the world!

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